Please allow me to introduce the Kodex Smart Chair. This chair was designed and developed by the founder of Kryptonian Ink, (Stephen Stacey). It is also manufactured by Kryptonian Ink.  

Over the years. Stephen has found that there are 2 battles that are a constant challenge when it comes to Tattooing. First is the Clients comfort, and second is the artist comfort. This battle has been going on for hundreds of years. keeping the client comfortable and maintaining the health of the artist is a never ending paradox. especially for long sittings. 

Although there have been many tattoo chair designs in the past, This battle still exist. This issue has never been solved. You either design for client comfort or design for artist comfort. Most artist will usually sacrifice their health and their back to ensure the client is comfortable, however, this shortens the length of an artist career due to injuries that occur from sitting in long awkward positions. 

More often than not. You will find that the client will constantly need to shift and readjust their body every few minutes to maintain their position in order to help the artist do their work. Often, the client will need to stand only after a short time to get the feeling back into their limbs that may have fallen asleep during their sit. As well, clients sometimes need to contort their bodies in uncomfortable positions in order for the artist to access that difficult body part. 

It is with all this in mind that Stephen has focused on reinventing the client chair to benefit both the client and the artist with the Kodex Smart chair. For the first time, both the client and the artist can sit comfortably without all the past issues. 

With these chairs, the artist is able to bring any body part of the client to them at eye level and work comfortably while sitting properly in the artist chair. Gone is the need for the artist to lean out of their chair to twist their body in awkward positions to get at the clients skin. Also, now we are able to set the client up in an extremely comfortable position so that they no longer need to make constant adjustments.

both the artist and client are now able to work in unison with the introduction of motorized hands free adjustments that the bed is able to make.

This design allows for the chair to handle a weight capacity of 600lbs. The powerful motors in the bed are able to move the bed in any position, hand free and can be done while the artist is working. there is also a remote control for the client in the event they would like to raise their legs, or back. The smoothness of the motors are so refined that the micro adjustments do not disturb the artist while they are working even when the chair is moving. 

With 6 inches and 3 layers of pressure sensitive smart memory foam. The client will sink in to an absolute cloud of comfort. Removing all pressure point pain that commonly occur when lying on a standard bed with only 2-4 inches of padding. You will be able to sit in a position for 8 or more hours and not feel the need to move or adjust yourself. 

When you are all set up, you can connect to our free Wi/Fi and plug you personal phone or tablet into the bed to keep it charged. 

The list of features are endless, however, we do invite you to come give it a try for yourself. You feedback is extremely important to us, and we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our clients. 

The latest evolution in client comfort

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Welcome to Kryptonian Ink. My goal is to provide you with the best Tattoo experience available. With the comfort and privacy of a one on one session.

Gone is the intimidation factor and having to share your tattoo experience with other people getting tattooed in the chair next to you, That you would typically find in your local street shop.

Enjoy the comfy sofas and a warm fireplace as you wait for your Tattoo to be prepared. If you wish to bring a friend along to share in your Tattoo experience, They can sit with you in the Tattoo area or observe through the view windows. 

To enhance our clients comfort at the maximum level. Kryptonian Ink has designed, developed and manufactured our own tattoo chair,  (KODEX SMART CHAIRS). "Details listed below."  This was needed to further focus on helping to ensure that our clients get the most out of their Tattoo experience, and they are pampered with the luxury they deserve. Especially when sitting for long Tattooing sessions.

You will find the absolute highest standard of a clean and sterile environment, using the latest techniques and the best equipment available for your comfort and safety. We are  Health board regulated Studio, with regular Inspections by the Cities Health board.We Only use the best quality Inks on the market today to give you the most colorful and vibrant result with over 200 colors to choose from and nearly an infinite amount of mixable variations of colors.As well as the best black inks for smoothest Black and grey Tattoos.

Kryptonian Ink uses a "one time one use", method of Tattooing, To provide you with the best standard in sterilization. with added knowledge of first aid level C and Blood born pathogen courses.