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We are a proud member of the Alliance of professional Tattoo Artist

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1992.

The APT's founding mission is to address the health and safety issues facing the growing national tattoo industry. 


We have promoted autoclaving, sterilized equipment, gloves, barriers and equipment to keep you safe, even before it was the law in the United States. Prior to then, there was no organized effort to help educate artists nor were there any types of developed standards of infection control procedure.

APT is tattoo professionals coming together to promote and provide continuing education

Times have changed and so has our industry. APT has grown to include more than just safety standards. This is the professional organization for professional Tattooists.

APT has been called upon by many states to help formulate the laws that govern our industry. It is your organized voice to lawmakers! Although not a requirement in Canada yet. I feel it is important that my standards maintain the highest that the industry has to offer and that the safety of my clients comes first. Hopefully the Canadian Tattoo Industry does become regulated in the future so that the customer will have the added protection knowing that they are in a trained studio with artist that practice safe tattooing.


Looking to the future

The  APT’s focus remains squarely on the continuing education of artists and their apprentices in the practice of infection control, the establishment of professional standards and the implementation of professional practices with regard to health and safety in the tattoo industry

“Ignorance is more expensive than education.”