Art Portfolio

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I have been a professional pencil artist for over 25 years.  I enjoy drawing anything realistic, and have a passion for three dimensional art and Illusions.  As a Tattoo artist, My Artistic background has been a great influence in my career and has helped to shorten my learning curve when it comes to creating customized and unique Tattoos for my clients. Currently  I have had the honor of becoming a sponsored Tattoo artist by the world renowned companies Tattoo Stuff, Stencil Stuff, Peak needles, Rook wave, MD Tattoo Co, Wipe Outz and have been published in books and magazines from all over the world.  It is so humbling to receive such support from such amazing people and talented artist in this industry, and I am so very grateful to those that has helped me so much in my career.  Although with the ever changing technology and advancements in this Industry, you never really stop learning. Artist are constantly pushing the envelope to new levels, and it is a constant challenge to stay ahead of game.  It is however, very gratifying to have a passion for something that can also bring the same level of joy to others.