Each one of our artists work in specific styles of tattooing. We recommend taking a look at each artists portfolio on their Instagram page  ( Click on their photo to be Redirected ) You will be able to get a good Idea of the types of work that they prefer to do. From there you can contact them directly through their Instagram or Feel free to contact the studio directly and let them know which artist you would prefer to book with,  If you are unsure which artist to book with, please feel free to drop by the studio and speak with our staff and we will be happy to go over your ideas and recommend an artist for you... 

Artist availability varies depending on the artist, some artists may be booked out a month or two in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking an appointment. It can sometimes take an artist a few days to a week to respond to inquiries directly, However If you fill out our contact section, Our Manager will get back to you as soon as possible, Not all artists will be able to accommodate all tattoo requests, but we do our best to get you matched with an artist that is able to do the best version of the tattoo possible. 


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