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Studio Photos.

Tattoo shops can be a very intimidating place for any person.  My main Focus when I built this studio, was to step outside the box of the typical main stream way of doing things, by avoiding the loud music, Dark imagery, and flash art on the walls. 

Instead I wanted to make this Studio a place anyone can call home. To come to a place where anyone of any age would feel relaxed and comfortable. Above all else, I wanted you to feel that you are in a clean and safe environment.

You will not be placed in a dark cramped corner behind a wall  in some cubical, Rather you are in a large open private setting that you can feel in control of your surrounding. Should you wish to listen to music,  watch a movie, or simply just chat with your artist or a friend who can sit with you while you are getting your tattoo. What ever makes you feel the most comfortable, is what makes your Tattoo experience a memorable one.

My studio is equipped with 4 private room in order to ensure that you are comfortable

and wish to remain in a private setting. Especially for any Tattoos that require

nudity or any private areas of the body to be exposed during the tattoo process.

In the event that your tattoo requires you to be exposed, No other person will be allowed in the tattoo area with you. this includes friends, family, partners or spouses. This is to ensure that both the artist and client can work freely in a comfortable setting free from any discomforts or typical awkwardness that may accompany these types of tattoos with a third party in the room. 

Please know that I put my clients safety and well being above everything else. My reputation as a professional artist and maintaining the highest level of respect for my clients  and their privacy outweighs any amount of money.  So I have no problem letting the customer go if I feel their session can potentially be compromised or disturbed by a third party. 

I also have a code of ethics I like to maintain in my studio when it comes to the types of tattoos people want. I do not do any sacrilegious tattoos, gang or racial related pieces. I will not tattoo hands, fingers, faces, or neck on people who have other more suitable spaces to get them. This is not personal, but rather I care about the future of my clients, especially young clients, and I deter any tattoo that may interfere with their future. Also for people ages 16-17 they are required to have a parent sign for their tattoo. With these types of tattoos under the age of 18, I have a strict guideline of the subject matter and placement of these tattoos that I will not allow.